Tuesday, August 02, 2011

tiME ManageMEnt!


Today, i would like to talk bout TIME MANAGEMENT. OK people, lets begin. Most of us may not realize when the time is passing by and left us behind. Its happen to anybody including me, i feel so regret whenever i realize that i don't use my time efficiently and at the end, it come out with nothing. Can you imagine, we just waste our time too long for unnecessary thing like watching TV from morning to noon, gaming, chatting, so on.
its so wasting people!!!!

so, in this Ramadhan, i challenge myself to manage my time wisely. so i draft  a time table to guide me in everything i do everyday. you guys can try it on. ( nanti saye tunjuk kat u allz k ). i also have a book and its like a diary where i can jot down anything i do. This time table is just a guidance for us, no need to strictly follow whatever we had plan. But, remember that it is a guide, so try to follow it properly. 

( this is example of my time table )

Do make your own time table and shared with us, so we can share and improve our time management well.

"tersusun dalam urusannya, sehingga menjadikan kehidupannya teratur dalam segala hal yang menjadi tanggungjawab dan amanahnya. Dapat menyelesaikan semua masalahnya dengan baik dengan cara yang baik"

till then! 
have a great day guys.


Abdul Farique said...

wow .. siap ade time table tu . huhu XD

huda rahim said...

Incek Farique! itu sudah semestinya ha3=D