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Eat MOderately

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Let move one. Today i wanna share with you guy bout the eating habit. Every people are unique, so we have our own desire to eat more or least. If the food is YUMMY, delicious, etc like cheese burger, chicken butter and so on, we tend to eat more and vice versa if the food is ERR, it taste bad, so we will refuse to eat like green leafy vegetable, Ulam, etc.

The first step to losing weight and being healthy is controlling your eating habits. Loosing weight starts with eating moderately. 

 it this MODERATE?
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The prevalence of child obesity is increasing rapidly worldwide including Malaysia. It is associated with several risk factors for later heart disease and other chronic diseases including hyperlipidaemia, hyperinsulinaemia, hypertension and early artherosclerosis and etc. As you can see here, 29.1% of the adults were overweight (BMI 25.0-29.9 kg/m2) where Indians had the highest prevalence of overweight followed by Malays and Chinese. In addition, 14.0%  of the adults were obese (BMI >30.0 kg/m2). Women had higher obesity prevalence at 17.4% than men at 10.0% where Indians and Malays had higher obesity prevalence than other groups. 
                                                                     source: google
      There are variety of reasons that cause overweight and obesity occur. The most common causes are unhealthy eating patterns, lack of physical activity, genetic factors, or a combination of these factors. So by eating moderately, we can control our body weight and also good for our health. Many of us would refuse with many reason when it come to reducing weight through physical activity. Physical activity is an enhancer to reduce weight more rapidly, but we also can use other effort like EATING MODERATELY in order to loss weight.

so i wanna share some tips with you all. Here they are:
  •     When eating out, choose the small or medium sizes instead of the large ones. 
  •     Ask for half of the meal to be packed to go.
  •   Share your portion with a friend.
  •   Don’t eat the bread and butter before the meal.
  •   Don’t buy a lot of food for your home. Buy single serving packages.
  •    If you snack, don’t eat from the bag, but place a few chips or crackers on a dish.
  •    Cut the amount of sauces, mayonnaise, and cream cheese, and use low calorie types.
  •    If you are a big eater, fill yourself with a large quantity of vegetables and eventually fresh fruit.

  • Pay attention when you eat. It's easy to overdo when you're unconscious of how much you're taking in. Don't mindlessly eat in front of the television, computer or in the car. Before you know it, you've eaten a whole bag of chips or cookies.
    Eat 10% less. Eat 10% less of everything except raw or steamed vegetables and fruit.
    Learn to eat moderately. High-fat and high-calorie foods can be slipped in now and then -- just don't overdo the portion sizes.
    Eat less and savor more. There's no reason to make some foods completely off limits. For example, if you crave chocolate, your new eating plan may not last long if you forbid yourself from eating it. A forbidden food may turn into one you binge on. But try just a small taste every day if it keeps you on track.
    Don't worry about wasting food. Contrary to what you may have heard from your mother for years while growing up, it's okay to leave some on your plate. Some experts even say that leaving a small amount of food on your plate is symbolic of having control over your food.
    Eat three meals a day. This will keep your blood sugar more even and your moods more even. That will prevent "lows" that might lead you to turn to food and binges due to hunger from skipping meals.
    Develop a taste for lower-calorie, lower-fat foods. Eat as much as you want of most vegetables, for example, as long as they aren't fried, creamed or smothered in butter. It may take a few weeks for your taste buds to become accustomed to less fat in your diet, for example, but after a few weeks you higher fat foods will taste too greasy.
    Don't be afraid of eating meat. Lean meat contains lots of healthy nutrients. Just take small helpings, trim the fat and don't have it at every meal. 
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ouh iena said...

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huda rahim said...

daging x byk nutrient jgk la syg!
xmakan daging xpe, leh ganti ngan makanan laen yg de same nutrient ngan daging mcm ikan, protein nyer same cume lemak berbeza, so lagi sihat makan ikan la~