Saturday, February 12, 2011

fail to follow - =(

hello everyone!

today i dont wanna talk too much coz i had a lot of thing that need to fulfill.
k, my point here is, 2day is sunday and that mean my 2nd week of dieting. u know what, till now, i had never doing thing according to my plan of action. ha3=D,
there are so many excuse that made up by me juz to pampered myself..
aiyo00.. guys, help me to gain my spirit and b more motivated to follow the rule of dieting.

i wish i manage to wake up again and b more serious bout my dieting.. ha3=D
its a bit shy to share here bout my weight status,
k i try to share and not cheat at all.. ha3
my weight = 56.something kg
my height = 147cm
my BMI = overweight ( u can calculate by urself : ha3 )
so, here the truth bout my current weight status..

p/s: this for some1 i love, i feel sorry: 4 spread my infection, (T.T) poor her, ok i will segregate in my room till i fully recover--- sorry frenz=(

orite, let me finish it here, thanks guys 4 spend ur time reading my complaining..ha3
do pray 4 me k--- love u all so much

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